Working with Jules was effortless. She kept me up-to-date at all hours of the day. She was always friendly, available, and never grew tired of my thousands of questions with my 15 year refinance. I would HIGHLY recommend her as she is so easy to work with!

5 years ago
Shelley Westerfield
Ft. Worth, Texas

Working with Jules was an absolute pleasure to work with. Prior to going through this process, I heard many negative stories about the loan application and home buying process. -- Jules made everything the exact opposite of this. The entire process took about half the time that I was told it would take. Jules took care of filing all documents, answering questions, replying to emails, etc. at an incredible speed, while being extremely professional and knowledgeable. I could not be happier with the way things were handled and I cannot thank her enough for her patience and the time she took to make sure that I understood everything that was happening. -- The fact that even my realtor is now recommending her to all her clients says a lot about the quality of service.

5 years ago
Rene Moulinie
Austin, Texas

Our experience with the Brushy Creek Lending team has been exceptional! Their commitment to excellent service shines through in everything they do. We appreciate their clear communications, choice in loan products, and their caring approach.

5 years ago
Jennifer Welch